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Jan de Vries / transmediale.06 / Frederik De Wilde / Rafael Toral ft. Sei Miguel Quartet / Per Henrik Svalastog


FR 02.02 2007 — 20:00

continuous | exhibition
Jan de Vries / Proposals for art integration projects: the choice of the jury

continuous | screening
The video selection transmediale.06 consists of 9 video works that were presented at the Berlin Festival for art and digital culture. The selection of video’s pays special attention to the production methods used. Form and content offer an interesting view on contemporary video art.

Videoselectie (60')
Jan Verbeek, on a Wednesday Night in Tokyo, 2004, 5'35''
John Butler, Human Trial, 2005, 4'40''
Dariusz Kreczek - Luukkkaankangas, 2004, 8'
Rolando Vargas, Catherine Cely, Automovil, 2004, 3'51''
Sarah Vanagt - Little Figures, 2003, 15'47''
Jakub Nepras - Generator-P730, 2005, 2'15''
Manuel Saiz - Specialized Technicians Required: Being Luis Porcar, 2005, 2'00"
Stacy Hardy, Jaco Bouwer - I Love You Jet Li, 2005, 12'51''
Mai Yamashita & Naoto Kobayashi, when I Wish Upon a Star, 2004, 2'14''

continuous | presentation, performance
Frederik De Wilde, Electric Courtship Songs
On Event#06 presents Frederik De Wilde’s project EOD02. In this project he is developing an installation that connect bio-electric fish with audiovisual media. A computer will translate their electric signals to sound and light impulses.

9 pm | concert
Rafael Toral ft. Sei Miguel Quartet
Rafael Toral (Staubgold), the Portuguese who used to be a craze as experimental guitarist (and who in the mean time has transformed himself to composer, electronic engineer and instrument maker), presents his new project Space Program.
In Netwerk he’ll play with the Sei Miguel Quartet. Sei Miguel, like Toral from Portuguese descent, has been working for more than 20 years in relative seclusion on his indiosyncratic trumpet sound. His reserved tones are discrete but compelling, and originate from re-interpretations of traditional jazz phrases following the principles of John Cage.

10.15 pm | concert
Per Henrik Svalastog
The Norwegian musician Per Henrik Svalastog (Rune gramophone) reconciles digital sounds with local archaic instruments as the langeleik or zither (Norwegian sitar) or the ram horn. With catching pleasure he switches between sophisticated media and ancient instruments, between electronics and folk music.

11.30 pm | concert, performance
Frederik De Wilde, Electric Courtship Songs