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Closing day / family sunday

Fin de Saison

Frank Fairfield / Gerard Herman / Kinderworkshop / Rondleiding / Harmen de Hoop / Werkplaats Typografie i.s.m. Joëlle Tuerlinckx

SU 19.06 2011 — 14:00

Netwerk once again closes another season with a spectacular Fin de Saison event.

This year the event coincides with the Family Sunday, whose program fills an entire afternoon. Besides the children's workshop, where children aged 6 to 12 explore the exhibition in a playful way; other items upon the schedule include the presentation of A Prior # 22: Picasso in Palestine, which is linked to the exhibition project of Sander Buyck; the young American banjo hero and collector of 78 rmp discs, Frank Fairfield, who personally infuses new life into very old ragtime and Appalachian Folk music; and a presentation / performance by Gerard Herman, who presents his latest publication, Kinderboek and more ...