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Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost / Xavier Boussiron / La Kuizine / Felix Kubin


FR 28.03 2008 — 20:00

continuous | exhibition
Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost
What you see is what you are. (Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost)

Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost engage theirselves in the complexicity of live with the flair and pleasure of mild subversion. They cope with the characteristic instability and uncertainity of a certain social situation. Even though their intentions are clear – to break open the rusted conventions of every day-life –, the exact product of their interventions isn’t fixed as such. With a contagiously delight they jump between a fragile state of active excitement and lived through scepticism towards the context where their actions take form.

continuous | exhibition
Netwerk Museum
The Netwerk museum includes a number of works which artists donated since the start of the gallery. Small and always changing exhibitions were made with this collection in the past.

8 pm | guided tour

8.30 pm | book presentation
Annual 2007

9 pm | concert
Xavier Boussiron (FR)
Xavier Boussiron is a multi-talented artist who moves fluently between theatre, dance, visual arts and music. On event#12 he'll bring his faithful guitar for some Hell's Belges.

I am not a rocker, i have never smashed my head against the wall...
I make music for old women.(X. Boussiron)

10 pm | concert
La Kuizine (FR)
La Kuizine is quite a frantic French duo that combines strange, experimental electronic music with sci-fi costumes. Karim Gabou and Frederic Sourice started the band in 1993 and followed a whimsical path from Daft Punk over neo futuristic hoempapa to Kraftwerk and Elvis.

11 pm | concert
Felix Kubin (DE)
Felix Kubin, the maker from Hamburg of dadatronix pop, lives and works antithetical to the laws of gravity. He produces sci-fi pop music, elektro-acoustic noise, experimental shortfilms, radio plays, film and theatre music. In 1998 he founded Gagarin Record and since 9 sept 1999 he became the union leader of the syndicat of counter-noise. The Finnish Aavikko calls him a Devil in God's clothes. If there’d be one man to send to the aliens as an example of the mankind, that’d be Felix Kubin.

contiguous | DJ set
Guido Möbius (DE)
Praised by the press for his electronic productions, he mixes now techno and experiment in a DJ-set.