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solo exhibition

Entering From The Inside

Christian Nyampeta

TH 21.04 — SA 18.06 2016

opening event TH 21.04.2016 Creating Europe. The Arts as Architect?

The work of artist Christian Nyampeta is driven by a quest towards developing an understanding heart in thinking, speculating and exercising challenges to how to live together well, and how to share the world.

The phrase How to Live Together can be read as a manual, an argument, a philosophical or physical pursuit and so much more. It is a method to disassemble “life as it is”, to rethink and rearrange, a suggestion to approach normative society in alternative ways and gain new insights that perhaps through the volatile flow of everyday triviality might otherwise escape our thoughts. In his recent work, Nyampeta creates a contemporary interpretation of the term “public interior” or semi-public space. He formulates a possible environment in which the encounter between diverse rhythms and ideologies need not necessarily be only contradictory and conflicting.

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This solo exhibition is the result of a residency in Netwerk under the Creative Europe project, Understanding Territoriality.