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group exhibition


Alexandra Crouwers / Evert Defrancq / Nick Ervinck / Christophe Flore / Peter Morrens / Leopold Van De Ven / Anne Vernimmen / Ane Vester / Donato Wharton & Anita Leib / Judith Witteman & Rebecca Sakoun

SU 01.05 — SA 04.06 2005

As was the case in previous group shows (Netwerk², VLAM, De Zeeberg, NEW en De Alpen) the show is the yearly occasion on which a number of new names are introduced, along with some artists with whom Netwerk Gallery has worked in the past.
The exhibition is an investigation. It aims - on the ground level, second and third floors of the gallery - for the best possible presentation. The unique quality of each artwork generates all kinds of, (sometimes merely external or coincidental), affinities with other works. This form of contextualizing allows the singular meaning of a work to become more expressive in a way that it can play its sugar-free part in the discourse. In order for this process to develop as autonomously as possible a thematic context is avoided.