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group exhibition


Netwerk Archief / Lida Abdul / Roel Backaert / Vincen Beeckman / buren / Jana Cordenier / Marc Ghijsels / Binelde Hyrcan / Lola Lasurt / Ivo Provoost & Simona Denicolai / Grethell Rasúa / Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / Floris Vanhoof

SA 24.09 — SU 18.12 2016

Opening event ZA 24.09 14:00 > 18:00
With an interaction by Rik Moens Hyporhythm of primal consent No. 1.

Impossible things don’t know they are impossible.W. Disney

Surprise is an exhibition in which the power of imagination is central. In astonishing ways, the Netwerk building is transformed into an adventurous art circuit with much to see and do.
Thanks to its theme, Surprise is particularly attractive for young visitors of Netwerk, although the exhibition caters just as much to an adult audience. So one may expect much more than a typical group exhibition. Experience an adventure both physical and psychological.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.A. Einstein

The Black Box of Netwerk: The Netwerk Archive forms the basis. There is new or existing work by Lida Abdul, Roel Backaert, Vincen Beeckman, buren, Jana Cordenier, Marc Ghijsels, Binelde Hyrcan, Lola Lasurt, Ivo Provoost & Simona Denicolai, Grethell Rasúa, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek, Floris Vanhoof and interactions by Rik Moens.

On the occasion of Surprise a small publication will be offered that, as with the exhibition, focuses on both young and old: a colouring book with a text written by Francis Smets and drawings by Nel Aerts, Jo Caimo, Nikolaas Demoen, HAP, Gerard Herman, Jean Bernard Koeman, Ingrid Mostrey, Christian Nyampeta, Guy Rombouts, Yves Vanpevenaege and Dirk Zoete.

Surprise is of particular importance for Netwerk: the opening is also the last work day of the current and long-standing artistic director, Paul Lagring.


Netwerk Archive
As an art centre, Netwerk has no collection function. Nevertheless during the past 25-years, in the wake of exhibitions and collaborations with artists, the centre has acquired a considerable number of works of art. These works, taken together, do not constitute a collection or compendium, but a steadily growing “constellation” of works, which are a tangible part of the memory and the identity of Netwerk in an organic way.