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solo exhibition

Bram De Jonghe

Brushless Thoughts / De heldere essentie van de schemering

SA 28.01 — SU 12.03 2017

Opening event ZA 28.01.2017 14:00 > 16:00

The sculptures, drawings and videos of Bram De Jonghe reveal themselves through the way they are exhibited. Architectural interventions and mechanical pedestals dismantle the logic of the exhibition space and install an autonomous spatial choreography that controls the perspective and navigation of the spectator. This sculptural playground serves as a breeding ground for poetic reflections that activate the viewer’s senses. An associative play with conventions and expectations, which the artist may or may not apply, opens up a space for imagination.

Bram De Jonghe examines the physical and mental conditions of the act of viewing, and the frictions that hinder this process. With his sculptural machines he inexhaustibly attempts (and perhaps in vain) to make these frictions inoperative and manufacture a pure translation of an idea into an image.

Brushless Thoughts / De heldere essentie van de schemering is the first solo exhibition in Belgium of artist Bram De Jonghe (b. Belgium, Living and working in the Netherlands).