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solo exhibition

Neal Beggs

Belgium is Not a Road

SA 20.09 — SA 08.11 2008
SA 20.09 2008 — 14:00-22:00
SA 01.11 2008 — 20:00-24:00 Only open in the evening

Belgium is a nation, it is not a road. (Albert I, 1914)

Much of Neal Beggs’ work has its origins in a specific form of adventure: rock-climbing. The attraction of peaks and the fascination with the void reverberate through its smallest details. Beggs’ body of works is concentrated around a number of peak moments ­ Jean-Marc Huitorel writes f.e: Each piece [functions] as exhibition, each exhibition [is] conceived as a work. (The Analogy of the Rock, 2004). They illustrate the focal point of his activities: the moment of contemplation, the ‘gaping’ moment which comes before action and completion.

In Belgium Neal Beggs realized projects for BruxellesBravo (Dear Prudence, Mont des Arts, 2007) and in Le Bonheur (Happy(n/x) ­ Starmap, 2007). He also had shows in Saint-Nazaire (Le Grand Café), Nantes (Zoo Galerie, FRAC des Pays de la Loire), Paris and Glasgow (Tramway). In the fall of 2008 Neal Beggs participates in group exhibitions in BE-PART in Waregem ( and in the gallery Elisa Platteau.