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solo exhibition

Freek Wambacq

Rocaille / Gereedschapskist / Le Vase-entrepôt

SA 29.11 2008 — SA 24.01 2009
SA 29.11 2008 — 20:30 Opening Night

Freek Wambacq's (°1978, lives and works in Brussels) sculptures have surprising and delicate properties. Depending on the context they constitute a specific meaning: as objet trouvé, as trophy, as prototype, as specimen, as attribute, as totem, as assembly or as a display for other objects. The continuous transforming forms are often related to situations in which the artist sees unsuspected forms of sculpurality. As Aaron Schuster writes: [the work] often begins from a fortuitous perception of what can be called ‘the spontaneous aesthetics of daily life.

In Netwerk he presents six new sculptures as isolated entries from an imaginary encyclopaedia. The titles work as a (simplified) labelling unveiling the nature and origin of the works, without passing over the multi-layered meaning of the works.