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solo exhibition

Ran Slavin

Everything is Urgent / Tender Prey / Omni 1.9

SA 29.11 2008 — SA 24.01 2009
SA 29.11 2008 — 20:30 Opening night
SA 29.11 2008 — 22:00 City Mess Extravaganza

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Ran Slavin (°1967, Jeruzalem, lives and works in Tel Aviv) creates moving crossovers between visual art and electronic music. The focal point of his work is the urban wanderer in a post 9/11 era. He drew attention with a.o. Imsomnia City, a deconstructive video reporting the turbulent borders between dreams and reality in a labyrinth of insomnia. At Netwerk Slavin presents the new video installations Everything is Urgent, Tender Prey and Omni 1.9.

City Mess Extravaganza 22:00
On the opening night, Ran Slavin presents City Mess Extravaganza, a video and sound performance.