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Yvan Derwéduwé


SU 26.04 — SA 13.06 2009 — 14:00
SU 26.04 2009 — 14:00 Opening exhibition

Yvan Derwéduwé makes work that positions itself fully upon daily life. In Binary Moment (2005), the access to the exhibition space was regulated by automatic door pumps. With varying intervals, the doors opened and closed according to a pre-figured logic, which was as arbitrary as it seemed provocative. As a result the audience had their passage occasionally halted in awkward bunches. The intervention could be described as a bold social and poetic reflection, not in the least because there are so many areas where the movements of an individual are based according to a binary logic of “in” and “out”.

In 2003 Derwéduwé concentrated on the dark side of the Citadel Park in Ghent, a location known for homosexual escapades. The artist made a night-time transformation of the park upon canvas in the form of an alternative map under which hot spots were lit up in black light, as a reference to the more confidential codes of the nightly Netherworld. For his exhibition in Network he re-works the transgressive and sometimes voyeuristic aspects of his former research in four new interventions. Remarkably trivial elements of reality (a toilet, the flickering light of a tube, a computer game...) are included in a setting full of potential references. Each element plays an intensified - not to say aesthetic - experience of reality, a two-sided phenomenon that reveals plastic as well as coital connotations.