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Alice De Mont / Deborah De Robertis / Julie Goergen / Estelle Jozwicki / Mathieu Latulippe / Estelle Lebrun / Gérard Meurant / Clément Montagne / Thierry Pichard / Emmanuelle Quertain / Anne-Gaëlle Roig

SA 26.06 — SA 14.08 2010
SA 26.06 2010 — 19:30 Preview

Stimulated by Joëlle Tuerlinckx, the master students from École de Recherche Graphique (ERG) worked out a rapid series of solo exhibitions in établissements d’en face, within the course of ten consecutive days, with an average rate of two previews per day. This scenario implies constant overlaps, links and gaps between the individual presentations created. These unexpected moments are the basis for their exhibition in Netwerk: following Prevues/PREVIEW at établissements d’en face, Vues/VIEW takes place the whole summer at the art centre.

Trailer Prévues/Preview from erg.