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Nikolaas Demoen


SA 10.09 — SU 20.11 2011 open tu. → su. 14:00 → 18:00
SA 10.09 2011 — 20:30 Preview

Nikolaas Demoen (°1965) lives and works in Ghent. He is active as an artist, teaches at St. Lukas Antwerp and makes books. He has exhibited, among others, in Brussels (SECONDroom) and Beaufort 2006.

For the solo exhibition L'inconnu, he creates an installation with projections of films and drawings that offer intriguing responses to the modernist visual language. Via drawings and prints one sees photographs, objects, films and installations that explore the interaction between form, body and meaning. On the border between irony and poetry he seeks to give the ideals of abstract art a breath of new life through a figurative approach. The person who hides behind the mask is a nod to je est un autre by poet Arthur Rimbaud.


A possible journey