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TH 20.10 2011 — 10:30-17:00
FR 21.10 2011 — 10:30-17:00
TH 17.11 2011 — 10:00-17:00
FR 18.11 2011 — 10:00-17:00

Created in 2007, SoundImageCulture is a Brussels-based art workspace organizing a yearly nine-month programme for artists, filmmakers and social scientists to develop artistic projects operating in the intersection between anthropology, documentary and contemporary art. Bringing the participants to interrogate – formally and ethically – their relation both to their audience and to their subject. In this discursive context projects are guided by (inter)national coaches.

An art workspace is focused on assisting the development of projects, hence on artistic processes. Such an organization is often not public or transparent. In the light of this exhibition, several public activities will be organized to invite the visitor to participate.

The rough edits of all participants are discussed during two collective moments. Every participant has a two hours slot. In attendance of the coaches (Chris Wright, Itsushi Kawase, Sanaz Azari, Didier Volckaert, Mary Jimenez, Els Opsomer).
Language is English.

To participate, please reserve at