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Baby Dee

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SU 19.04 2015 — 20:00

Baby Dee finally comes to Netwerk, and better yet with her new album I Am A Stick under the arm.

The American singer-songwriter Baby Dee is a charming Grande Dame, whose previous life includes being a church organist, a street musician and man. In the 90’s she was part of the New York art scene around Antony Hegarty (Antony and the Johnsons), where she initially played the harp. Her songs are a bizarre mix of ancient hymns, vaudeville songs, bilious murder ballads and beautiful odes to nature. Her binding texts are warm and full of stories, occasionally interrupted with a guffaw.

© Winter VandenbrinkAmong her many admirers are Will Oldham, Matt Sweeney, David Toop and Andrew WK. Baby Dee comes to Netwerk with “the best of bands”, including Alex Neilson (The Trembling Bells) on drums, Victor Herrero (Josephine Foster) on Spanish guitar, Joe Carvell on bass and Dee herself at the grand piano.

Expect fine Baby Dee moments, moving songs full of love for the lonely, the eccentric and the alienated soul.

Release I Am A Stick 23.03.2015.