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Father Murphy / Inwolves

SA 26.11 2016 — 20:00

In recent years Father Murphy has grown into one of the most mysterious and enigmatic bands of the moment. This dark, psychedelic folk band has secretly been making new albums for more than ten years. Their latest album, Croce (Italian for cross) together with the EPs, Lamentations and the pure musique concrète of Calvary, forms the trilogy of the cross: a trilogy about religion and the occult. Cabaret-like, dark psychedelic industrial sounds with the occasional excesses of catchy pop noise. Produced by Greg Saunier (Deerhoof).
Rev. Murphy and Chiara Lee often become embroiled in an intense apocalyptic duel during performances, which the viewer can only watch open-mouthed. At Sonic City in 2014 – curated by none other than BEAK> – their captivating concert was one of the highlights of the festival: pure goose-bumps.
Imagine an intriguing spectacle with singing, bells, shrill Gregorian drones coming from toy keyboards, a good dose of crazy humour and their solid live act reputation, and then you’ll have an idea of what Father Murphy’s ingredients entail.

Inwolves is the brainchild of the inventive drummer, Karen Willems (Yuko, the Zita Swoon Group, Dirk Serries …) who not only takes her place behind the drum kit, but emerges here as a band leader. Together with like-minded Jurgen De Blonde (The Portables, Kohn, …) and keyboardist-guitarist Ward DUPAN (Low Vertical) Inwolves are a powerful, dark and gloomy triumvirate, pushing all the right buttons.

> Off the record met Karen Willems
> Father Murphy – Lamentations (live at New River Studios, September 2016)