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Drums 'n' Friends

SA 19.01 2008 — 20:30

Andrea Belfi (IT)
A drum-kit surrounded by synths, loop-stations, contact-microphones, harmonica en two small speakers. A mix with acoustic and electronic elements and two strong records op Häpna (Tape, Hans Appelqvist) and Die Schachtel (Alessandro Bosetti, Christa Pfangen).

Teun Verbruggen + Jozef Dumoulin (BE)
Drummer Teun Verbruggen (Jef Neve Trio, Flat Earth Society) and virtuous keyboard-player Jozef Dumoulin (Määk’s Spirit, Octurn) are 2/3 of the trio Othin Spake with Mauro Pawlowski. Together they play electric improvisations with allot of jazz-influences.

Eric Thielemans + Sickboy (BE)
Eric Thielemans is a classic trained percussionist. Before the end of his studies he switched to the jazz- en improvisation-scene. Experiment and openness are key words within the wide range of artistic activities in which he is involved, such as Määk's Spirit and the infamous duo Coca-Cola with God (with Tim Van Hamel). At Netwerk he sets of with Sickboy, the most renowned Belgian breakcore artist.

Butsenzeller 'n' Bassiman (BE)
Geert ‘Bootsie’ Budts drums for DAAU, One Louder and the child-friendly Kapitein Winokio. Under his alias Butsenzeller he creates his own electro-acoustic universe. Add Bassiman aka Luc Bas (Klezmic Noiz, Hoodoo Club, Bunny) to the group and the result is a Special “Live” Drums ‘n’ Electronics Performance or very danceable music groovy bass-lines, drum ‘n’ bass beats and delightful noise.

David De Corte + Evil Fons (BE)
David De Corte, drummer at a.o. Steamer Cry Wolf and Niels Latomme aka Evil Fons, guitarist at Penguins Know Why venture into a noisy guitar/drum impro.

Fikret Atay (TR) Tinica
Tinica (2004) is a single-channel video from the Turkish artist Fikret Atay. Sunsets over the city Batman. A boy gathers garbage around him: empty cans of sunflower oil, a plastic paint-bucket, ...It's the beginning of a energetic improvisation aimed at the city glowing below him. The eruption stops as suddenly as it began and the boy kicks the garbage down the hill. Fikret Atay (Batman, 1976) lives and works since 2003 in Paris.

Dave Nuss (US) Wood on Wood
A drummer in the middle of the sport-hall in the former Post-building, Berlin Mitte, closely surrounded by a slowly moving camera capturing every moment and emotion. The public sits at a safe distance. The floor shakes. The heavy sound-waves transform the area into a force-field. Dave Nuss from The No-Neck Blues Band continuous till the point of total physical exhaustion...