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The Pyramids / Volcano the Bear

FR 10.12 2010 — 20:30

The legendary Afro-psychedelic band The Pyramids were formed in the early seventies by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor, flute player Margo Simmons, bassist Kimathi Asante and drummer Donald Robinson. After an eventful journey through Europe and Africa, a stay in a Ghanaian community, jams with members of Masai and Kikuyu tribes, the band went back home with a name, a sound, a look and a vision: free black music – polyrhythmic, psychedelic-spiritual music with Pan-African hypnotic melodies. Free your ass and the mind will follow!

Since 1995 Volcano the Bear has been the standard bearer of the innovative British scene. Daniel Padden, Laurence Coleman, Nick Mott and Aaron Moore mix with a fine sense of humor, improv with absurdism into beautiful little eclectic rituals, which have little to do with contemporary hypes and genres.