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Af Ursin / Limpe Fuchs / Zwerm plays Fred Frith's Quartet Sessions / Step Across the Border

FR 26.10 2012 — 19:00

Behind Af Ursin hides timo van Luijk. For more than twenty years Van Luijk has been a highly original voice in Belgian improvised and experimental music. With mostly acoustic instruments and tape, he creates poetic and intuitive freeform compositions. He has worked together with Limpe Fuchs, Kris Vanderstraeten, Raymond Dijkstra and Frederick Croene.

At the end of the sixties, Limpe Fuchs stood at the basis of a radical experimental scene in Germany. Fuchs has continued her liberated musical ideas and is still active as a composer and improviser. in addition to piano and viola she uses mainly homemade percussion instruments.

The electric guitar quartet, Zwerm, plays music by the English composer Fred Frith, who, for more than thirty years has been one of the most important musicians in contemporary experimental music.

The avant-garde documentary Step Across the Border by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel sketches an intriguing picture of the guitarist and composer Fred Frith.