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Haunted Inbox II

Charanjit Singh (IN) / The Cyclist (UK) / Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (IS) / Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (FR) / Hiele (BE) / dj Beyt al S.W.A.G. (BE)

curated by audioMER & Netwerk

TH 09.05 2013 — 20:00

AudioMER emerged as a spin off of MER.Paper Kunsthalle, the world­renowned publisher of art books. the label releases contemporary experimental music (Hieroglyphic being, Polysick, White Out, Mauro Antonio Pawlowski, Brethren of the Free Spirit, …) with beautiful covers, designed by contemporary artists.

For the second edition of this festival, AudiMER and Netwerk present the following artists:

Je Suis Le Petit Chevalier (FR)
Paris born visual artist Félicia Atkinson isn’t exactly holding back these last few years. Next to countless exhibitions of her drawings and paintings (nominated for the Young Belgian Painters Award 2013), co-running the Brussels based Shelter Press imprint, she also has produced an endless array of tapes and vinyl (not to mention regularly throwing new stuff on her soundcloud page) documenting her JSLPC project. Armed with only a Casio keyboard and some loop pedals she produces long-form drones that can build into hurricanes of light or simmer in a pool of dark and murky melancholy.

Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson (IS)
Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson was born in Akureyri, Iceland. He studied sound art at the Fachochschule in Hannover, Germany from ’98 to 2003.
He has been a long-time member of the band Stilluppsteypa and is part of the synth band Evil Madness (with oa BJ Nilssen and Jóhan Jóhannsson).
His work has been variously described as collage, quiet drone manipulations, and calm and minimal, which offer a range of still, contemplative moments, contrasted with more discordant (though not necessarily noisy) ones.

The Cyclist (UK)
Northern Ireland based Andrew Morrison is barely 19 years old and is currently producing some of the most off the wall outsider lo-fi techno music around. Weird and hypnotic acid kubism that stutters and stumbles right back to the future. His first record ‘Bones in Motion’ is coming out right about now on the Stones Throw label and is masterpiece of analog exploration.

Charanjit Singh (IND)
In 1982 an Indian Bollywood session musician tried to put some disco beats underneath centuries old classical Indian ragas and unwittingly made a record that mirrors and predated the sound of acid music by at least 5 years. “Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat” was an unlikely artistic bull’s eye of a record, marrying the mindaltering sounds of raga with simple drum computer patterns and arpeggiated bass sequences. The record was reissued two years ago and drew instant praise from all who had the good fortune to hear it. Now Charanjit Singh will return to plug in the machines and make true believers out of us all.

Hiele (BE)
Turning heads and ankles with his twisted beats and woozy synths, Roman Hiele is destined to turn the dancefloor into an epileptic orgy of limbs.

dj Bey al S.W.A.G. (BE)
Raunchy hiphop, hillbilly techno and straight up novelty tunes.