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The Necks (AUS) / Tape (SE)


TH 31.10 2013 — 20:00

The Necks

The Necks

Chris Abrahams (piano)
Lloyd Swanton (bass)
Tony Buck (drums)

“one of the most extraordinary groups on the planet…not so much a trio as a revolutionary consortium redefining music… “
- The Guardian

“One of the greatest bands in the world”
- New York Times

Together for 25 years the Australian cult trio, The Necks, have enthralled audiences worldwide with their compelling style of improvisation. Defying orthodox description, not entirely avant-garde, nor minimalist, nor ambient, nor jazz, their music is regularly described internationally as, simply, unique.

Featuring lengthy pieces of slow-form development which build in mesmerising, epic fashion frequently underpinned by an insistent deep groove, their performances are never less than phenomenal.

In recent years, along with their regular international touring, The Necks have been invited by Nick Cave to appear at All Tomorrows Parties and collaborated with Brian Eno in PURE SCENIUS at Sydney Opera House and Brighton Festival. They release their 17th album Open to coincide with their 2013 tour.


Swedish trio Tape was set up in 2000 by brothers Andreas and Johan Berthling (Fire!) with Tomas Hallonsten (Fire! Orchestra). Taking cues both from pop, experimentalism, and minimalism their sound has become recognized internationally and is clearly something of its own. Their warm blend of acoustic instrumentation (piano, guitar, harmonium…) and electronics never disappoints. Next autumn their sixth album comes out, where we look forward to as a new Tape records always feels like coming home.