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Drums ’n Friends Again

Aster x Will Guthrie x Erik Heestermans x Eli Keszler x Ashley Paul x Julian Sartorius

SA 08.02 2014 — 20:00

A drum solo entails more than just showing off spectacular moves. It is mainly about uncovering the soul of the instrument, a solo for the Drum with a capital D.

Six years after the successful Drums ‘n Friends, it is time for Drums’ n Friends Again, with lots of quirky drummers with multi-instrumentalist Ashley Paul as the eye of the storm.

Eli Keszler is a multi – instrumentalist from New York who works primarily with percussion, antique cymbals, guitar and large mechanical strings installations with extended strings. He has previously worked with artists such as Jandek, Phill Niblock, Roscoe Mitchell, Joe McPhee, Tony Conrad, Keith Fullerton Whitman and Ashley Paul.

Ashley Paul is a performer/composer from New York. She creates her own universe using saxophone, clarinet, voice, guitar, glockenspiel and percussion. The result is intuitive, introverted music with a dark side. Her latest enchanting album, Line the Clouds has received much international acclaim. She has previously worked with Phill Niblock, Rashad Becker, Aki Onda, C. Spencer Yeh, Geoff Mullen, Joe Morris, Anthony Coleman and Eli Keszler.

Ashley Paul is one of the top 50 Realeases of the year 2013 in The Wire. Here you find her interview from The Wire April 2013.

Aster is the fine musical collaboration formed by the couple, Ashley Paul and Eli Keszler. Their latest album, Things That Just Happen, balances between subtle sound-art, fragile psych folk, pop, jagged pop and free improvised drones.

The Australian drummer Will Guthrie is known for its jazzy improv’s with drums, homemade percussion and electronics. He has played with, among others, Oren Ambarchi, Martin Küchen, Anthony Pateras, Keith Rowe and Jim Denley. Each performance by Guthrie is sure to entail surprises and will be a revelation to many.

The Swiss drummer Julian Sartorius worked in the past with the likes of Nils Petter Molvaer, Rhys Chatham and Dimlite. In 2011 he began the Beat Diary project, in which he took on the challenge to maintain a sound diary. Every day for a one-year period he created a rhythm at a unique location and registered these in pictures and sound. He now presents his amazing project in Netwerk, always searching for new angles in terms of acoustics and sound.

Erik Heestermans is the drummer of the fantastic Sheldon Siegel and is one of the Stervende Honden with Ignatz. He has often played in drum duos, which includes Jacob Warmenbol, Martin Küchen and Milan Warmoeskerken…but now he is performing solo for the first time, come check it out!

Eli Keszler – L-Carrier from eli keszler on Vimeo.

Leave Mine from Ashley Paul on Vimeo.

Eli Keszler & Ashley Paul from Ben Sisto on Vimeo.

Will guthrie from KIDAM on Vimeo.