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Fordham / Barbara Mavro Thalassitis & Wouter Krokaert / Conor Kelly / Maia Naveriani / Sophie Nys / Jung Me / Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost / effi & amir / Kristin Posehn


FR 19.05 2006 — 20:00

continuous | exhibition
Fordham is an art initiative from London, operated by Man Somerlinck. Somerlinck is concerned with a certain, rather specific presentation of a question about the position of contemporary art in society. The projects that Somerlinck realizes with Fordham in London, are characterized by an intuitive insight in a dynamic fragment of the London art scene, a fragment that is fascinating, yet not connected to an institutionally confirmed circuit. The fact that the activities of Fordham are taking place in London, does not mean that Somerlinck only works with British artists. London is a metropolis, where artists of all nationalities live and work, and Fordham also offers a cross-section of this aspect.

8 pm | book presentation
Annual 04 - 05
Presentation of the new annual. Texts by Manon de Boer / Guy Bovyn / Phillip van den Bossche / Thibaut Verhoeven / Pieter Van Bogaert about the work of Guy Bar Amotz - Sean Dower / Herman Asselberghs / Taysir Batniji / Alexandra Crouwers / Anouk De Clercq / Koenraad Dedobbeleer / Evert Defrancq / Nick Ervinck / Christophe Floré / Sagi Groner / HAP / Thomas Lerooy / Peter Morrens / Els Opsomer / Pieter Van Bogaert / Leopold van de Ven / Kristof Van Gestel / Boris van Nes / Yves Vanpevenaege / Anne Vernimmen / Ane Vester / Donato Wharton - Anita Leib / Judith Witteman - Rebecca Sakoun

9 pm | performance
Barbara Mavro Thalassitis (FR) & Wouter Krokaert (BE) De Vouwstoel en de Zwaarte van de Mist
A choreography by Barbara Mavro Thalassitis and Wouter Krokaert. Performance by: Wouter Krokaert, Barbara Mavro Thalassitis and Lucius Roméo-Fromm. Sound: George Van Dam. Live performed by Michael Schmid et George Van Dam. Light: Michel Delvigne.

10 pm | screening
Conor Kelly Sound and music, dvd, 2004, 7’30”
Maia Naveriani Ricardo Monteblanc, dvd, 2005, 3’
Maia Naveriani _ …at home with good ideas… Let me down again_, dvd, 2005, 3’
Sophie Nys Voyage autour de la mer noire, super 8 > dvd, 2002,10’
Jung Me Cookie and Cookies, 16 mm > dvd, 5’
Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost To be here (Happy) Aller planter un cactus dans la death valley et revenir. Prevoir certaines difficultes et en emmener un faux* en plus. *basé sur le vrais, video, 2005, 18’
effi & amir TOPSOIL, dvd, 2003-2004, 8’15”
Kristin Posehn Real Estate, dvd, 2'30"

11 pm | DJ set
DJ Boxstyly
From "trouser jazz" to "groovy elektronics", as heard in Netwerk.