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Liberty inviting artists to take part

11 years Atelier Mixed Media, LUCA School of Arts, campus Sint-Lucas Ghent

FR 25.04 — SU 04.05 2014

On the occasion of the 11th anniversary of the Atelier Mixed Media (aka Experimental Atelier) of the LUCA School of Arts campus Saint-Lucas, Ghent, students and former students are invited to organize a festival in Netwerk. Teachers Roel Kerkhof and Esther Venrooy drew up a festival formula from which the program can run on the principle of “phase shifting”, an audio effect in the form of sequenced interaction. The festival week program revolves around a constantly changing presentation cycle, activated by performances, concerts, participatory interventions and actions. In this way, a wide variety of visual, audio-visual and performative work from a large number of alumni and current students can be shown.

phase shifting 1: with music
phase shifting 2: with dinner
phase shifting 3: with cake

Atelier Mixed Media regularly organises showings, projects and events emphasising the ambition to constantly connect with an ever-growing audience. This approach is consistent with the practical philosophy of the Atelier Mixed Media. The tension between mastering a discipline and its impossibility is central, resulting in dynamic new visual, auditory, olfactory and physical forms. In short, Atelier Mixed Media concerns itself with the sensory aspects of making art. Special attention is also paid to the space: the approach to and application of image and/or sound.