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group exhibition

Alice Evermore / Andreas Brehmer / Ellen Ane Eggen / Sally Reynolds / Clementine Roy / Heidi Voet

The Resistance of Ether

SA 10.01 — SA 14.02 2004

_ The Resistance of Ether _ furthers Alice Evermore's experiment of animating her book texts with diverse disciplines. The new work, a novel divided into four volumes, follows the story of Lester McElroy, a social dysfunctional young man living with his mother in Cleveland, Ohio. The reader is taken into Lester s private world of fantasy-maintained seclusion. Various aspects of Lester s withdrawal, including a transcendental fascination for miniature landscape pictures, an unrequited infatuation for a schoolgirl and a persistent longing to hold back the progression of time, provided collaborative themes for installation, live performance and music. For the first time, Evermore uses colour stills throughout a book, complementing her story with imagery. (see also : Menu Publications)

In further expanding excerpts from the text, Evermore has made an 18-minute digital projection, accompanied with a special soundtrack by Eavesdropper. In her video, Evermore portrays specific nuances from the story, providing the viewer with a candid peek into the main character s peculiar solitude and his inner-wonder. The artists Andreas Brehmer, Ellen Ane Eggen, Sally Reynolds, Clementine Roy and Heidi Voet have produced a work within Netwerk Galerij, stemming from the theme of landscapes. Live performances occured during the opening, on Saturday January 10th, including Sara Debosschere, actress from De Roovers performing a one-minute dialogue, entitled Stereograph, together with Mathijs Scheepers. Peter Fol and Shani Granot, created a 25-minute spectacle called It is a Small World inspired by The Resistance of Ether. Radio Scorpio DJ Eppo Dehaes was spinning discs in the gallery s cafe during the January 10th opening.