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graduation projects

Exposition Solstice

Anne Bossuroy / Thomas Gevaert / Ludovic Mennesson / Aline Gheysens / Nathalie Guilmot / Mathieu De Saint-Martin / Erika Vancouver / Adrien Lucca / Laurent Dupont-Garitte

Master2 Art et Mediation ERG

SA 20.06 — SU 21.06 2009 — 14:00-20:00
SA 20.06 2009 — 20:00 opening night

ERG (Ecole de Recherche Graphique, Brussels) is the academy where, among others, Joëlle Tuerlinckx and Alain Geronnez are instructors. The students work on a three-fold project that also branches out to the Observatoire Maison Grégoire-in Uccle and includes a temporary occupation of another location in Brussels.

The students of the courses Art et Mediation present their projects at Netwerk.

Website ERG

Open 14:00 → 20:00