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Line of Sight

+ The Bristol Bike Project / Papergirl #3 / Niets Blijft Ongestraft / Mini Velodrome de Bordeaux / Ski Boys / Hyde Park Wheels / Toréro-Torpédo, Le Col d'Aubisque

Benny Zenga & Lucas Brunelle

TU 28.09 2010 — 20:30

Line of Sight is a film about alleycat races, illegal bike races where the participants in cities like New York try to reach a number of checkpoints as soon as possible.

Line of Sight (by Benny Zenga & Lucas Brunelle, US, 2010, 34') will be shown together with several short films where the bicycle plays a leading role:
The Bristol Bike project (by Alistair Oldham, UK, 2009, 19’)
Papergirl (by Aisha Ronniger & Sami Ala-Eddin, DE, 2009, 12')
Niets Blijft Ongestraft (by Gerard Herman, BE, 2009, 5')
Mini Velodrome de Bordeaux (by Niko Fontas, FR, 2010, 3')
Ski Boys (by Benny Zenga, CA, 2006, 8'30")

+ continuous: a selection of Sur La Route - een Tour van kunstenaars (exhibition SMAK, 2007) will be screened at the bar.
Hyde Park Wheels (van Ann Veronica Janssens)
Toréro / Torpédo, Le Col d'Aubisque (van Emilio Lopez-Menchero)