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external exhibition

Geert Goiris

in VOX, Centre de l’image contemporaine Montréal

FR 02.05 — SA 28.06 2014

from the serie Whiteout, 2008-2010

VOX, Centre de l’image contemporaine Montréal presents, in collaboration with Netwerk, the first exhibition in Canada of works by artist Geert Goiris.

OPENING 1st May 2014

In his both poetic and meticulously formal work the Belgian photographer Geert Goiris (°1971) evokes an elusive space between himself and his surroundings. In various views on natural phenomena, landscapes, man-made objects and architectural monuments, the artist seemingly builds open narratives that the viewer can tap into. The carefully selected scenes however create an uncanny aggregate luring the viewer into an intersubjective play, propelling the visual experience into another dimension. Beyond the linear reading of documented observations lies an invitation to look at the photographic work on an abstract level of artistic intention, presentation and perception.

In VOX the artist brings together Resonance, a series of analogue photographs appearing both as wallpapers and framed prints, and the large format slide projection Whiteout. This clever idiosyncratic body of ‘encountering photography’ takes the viewer on a voyage to discover a sublime space where all matter dissolves into light, and where visual reference points cease to be.