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Kunst in Opdracht

Meer dan een Object

City of Aalst - Netwerk

May 2014 — June 2017

The City of Aalst and Netwerk were selected as one of the five principal initiators for Pilot Projects: Art in Commission (Pilootprojecten Kunst in Opdracht), with the theme “More than Object”.


The pilot-process of the City of Aalst and Netwerk as joint principal initiators focuses on the role that art can play in a context of urban renewal and change. Aalst aspires and supports the field of urban transformation. The economic base of the city has changed drastically and thus so too has the spatial structure. Recent developments have also increased in socio-economic and demographic areas (immigration, “railroad migration”, education). The City of Aalst’s current plans for urban transformation entail a structural (re)vision where the Dender plays a starring role. The Dender Zone has the potential to be the largest public space in the city; the only space connecting various urban development projects together; but a public space that is not (yet) “accessible”. The complexity of the zone with a variety of features in this pilot project forms the backdrop for a scenario that focuses on collaboration between several city services and Netwerk.

Together with mediator Arno van Roosmalen they address the question of how the city, along with her artistic partner, can conceive short and long-term art projects with a role in the renewal of this differentiated area.

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