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European collaboration

Understanding Territoriality

Identity, Place and Possession

Creative Europe project

April 2015 — December 2017

Understanding Territoriality: Identity, Place and Possession is a new 2-year project led by Fabrica and co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. The project partners are Netwerk, Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto in Biella, Italy and Otvorena Soba in Skopje, Macedonia.

Through exhibitions, international residencies, audience engagement programmes and discursive events UT will create an artistic programme for diverse audiences that will further our understanding of ‘territoriality’ and its relationship to cultural identity, and provide a platform to debate its importance to Europe.

Netwerk invites artist Sim Cha Chi, to participate in a number of workshops together with other diverse-lingual participants from the support group, Babbelonië (Aalst), to reflect upon the concept of “territoriality” and the relationship with cultural identity.
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The workshop session will be closed with an invitation to the group to present the workshop results in Netwerk during the one-day event Creating Europe. The Arts as Architect? on April 21th, in which all its activities within the framework of the project are made accessible to a wide and diverse audience.

+ opening solo exhibition Christian Nyampeta
TH 21.04 2016 – 10:00 – 20:00

For one day the art centre is transformed into a contemporary agora where space is divided into cultural, educational, social, political, academic and economic functions. A forum is created for making contacts, engaging in conversations and cultural exchanges, a perfect opportunity to make visible both the innovative and socially engaged activities of the institute at a European level as well as the various links that occur between the different activities.

ZA 02.04 — ZA 18.06 2016

The work of Belgian artist, Philip Metten, offers, within the boundary between sculpture, architecture and art in public space, a temporary reflection place to investigate potential contributions and roles of the artist and the art institute in innovative community models. With an implicitly striking Meta-level approach, the work shows the inseparable link between the autonomy of art and its social connectedness.
Netwerk invites Philip Metten for a solo exhibition with a non-traditional presentation format, where the artistic premise entails a documentary approach to his work. This theoretical search for a new presentation formula, specific to the distinctive oeuvre evolution, fits perfectly with the artist’s research project at KASK /Hogent.