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Charlemagne Palestine & Rhys Chatham / Sheldon Siegel / Gerard Herman

SU 05.10 2014 — 17:00

The composer, performer and visual artist, Charlemagne Palestine, is a unique and extravagant voice in the music landscape. Though hailing from New York, he has lived and worked for many years in Brussels. Many know him through his ever-stunning Strumming Music and epic organ pieces. Also from New York, Rhys Chatham, helped to define the rock-DNA in Lower Manhattan in the 70’s. Besides his work as a composer, trumpeter and guitarist, he is now best known for his 100-strong Guitar Orchestra. Palestine and Chatham met in New York in the late 60’s and two years ago they decided, after a 30-year hiatus, to work together again. The results of this collaboration will soon be released as a new CD on the Belgian label Sub Rosa. You should expect a very intense performance with strumming-style piano and stubborn voice experiments, in a meditative dialogue with guitar, trumpet and flute. A unique opportunity to see two giants in contemporary composition on stage together.

Charlemagne Palestine – Strumming Music

During the last few years the versatile artist, Gerard Herman, has appeared a number of times in various shapes as a guest in Netwerk. In 2010 he participated as a newbie artist in the group exhibition, Rafa the Magician, followed by the release of the publication, Children’s Book: a book for children and a performance for the very young at the Fin de Saison event in 2011. As a musician Herman participated in the Smoke on the Water event upon the invitation of artist Joris van the Moortel and as a member of the fierce Antwerp improv/ free jazz trio,* Sheldon Siegel *with Gino Coomans (cello) and Erik Heestermans (drums). With these fellows, Herman comes to visit Netwerk once again.

On the occasion of World Animal Day and his current solo exhibition, Kalisj, in Netwerk, Gerard Herman and Joris De Rycke (artist friend and radio partner) organise a complete spectacle in honour of the inauguration of the Monument To All Unnamed Deceased Animals Of The World. This solemn moment will include the musical accompaniment by a local brass band.
- dress code option: black