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Young Echo Sound

Ishan Sound / Ossia / El Kid / Amos / Jabu / Chester Giles / Manonmars / Rider Shafique

FR 03.06 2016 — 20:00

From the desire to resurrect the Bristol club scene with new life and out of nostalgia for the heyday of the city’s dub producers, a collective of young individuals started the Young Echo radio broadcasts in 2010, organizing concerts and club nights. This quickly developed into a community where like-minded people are able to meet and exchange ideas. As an 11-piece collective they have created the most exciting music to come from Bristol during the past 10 years; the city that spawned Tricky, Portishead, Massive Attack, Roni Size and The Pop Group.

El Kid, Ishan Sound, Jabu, Manonmars, Amos, Ossia, Jabu, Chester Giles and Rider Shafique are just a few names of the producers and collaborators that form the collective and that will be present in Netwerk. In addition to the Young Echo album, Nexus, upcoming releases will be featured on the labels, Tectonic, Tri Angle, Blackest Ever Black, Entr’acte and Peng Sound. With their exciting mix of fat dub, dirty grime, sharp electronic, dubstep, techno, noise, reggae and hip-hop, they are guaranteed to form assault your brain and legs. Prepare for the deepest bass and exciting beats of the moment.

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