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Josephine Foster / Broeder Dieleman

FR 29.04 2016 — 20:00

Josephine Foster is an American folk singer-songwriter from Colorado. She performed during her teenage years as a vocalist at weddings and funerals, with the ambitions to become an opera singer. Inspired by The Great American Songbook, British folk and psychedelia, she then tuned her focus towards recording her own songs. Since 2000 she releases new work annually that ranges from American folk, to 19th century German carols, nursery rhymes about psychedelic rock to Spanish and Basque traditional music.

With albums such as Born Heller (2004), This Coming Gladness (2008) and I’m A Dreamer (2013) Foster’s work has blossomed. Her latest album, No More Lamps In The Morning, was a surprising collection of reinterpretations primarily of the aforementioned albums, which includes (folksy) new strokes.

Foster’s sense of freedom is audible, choosing for a refined approach and presents her songs with a minimum of effects: she herself on classical guitar with her husband Victor Herrero (see Baby Dee, 2015) on Portuguese guitar: intimate whisper-folk of the purest kind, as if we sit in her living room while she reads from an old storybook.

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With his molasses-thick accent, Broeder Dieleman fashions sparsely arranged songs about the Zeeland landscape and way of life.

You hear these stories in bars, at the kitchen table and around the stove. Therefore it is not surprising that after the song ends, the characters run through a soundscape of rustling poplars while talking about the spring, the harvest or their vocation as a sculptor and priest.

The troubadour from Zeelandic Flanders is highly recommended to fans of subdued folk and alt-country, such as Woven Hand and Bonnie “Prince” Billy. Broeder Dieleman had the honour to tour together with the aforementioned Bonnie “Prince” Billy and record a 7” record, upon which they each do a retention of a number from the other.

Late last year, Uut de bron, was released, a new album (and/or book) full songs, field recordings, instrumental passages and a compilation of all his texts.