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Oren Ambarchi / Manuel Mota

WE 21.10 2009 — 20:30

The Australian guitarist and percussionist Oren Ambarchi creates slow yet exciting compositions with which he allows his totally unique guitar sound to be heard. He manipulates the sound of the instrument to such extents that it is hardly recognizable as a guitar. Through live performance Ambarchi is proven to be a gifted improviser, both as a solo artist and in collaborations, including those with Sunn O))), Christian Fennesz, John Zorn, Phill Niblock, Keith Rowe and Dave Grohl. His CD releases are produced by the renowned electronica label, Touch.

Manuel Mota is an experimental jazz and blues guitarist / improviser from Lisbon with a very personal, almost radical “finger style” of guitar playing. He has shared the stage with Margarida Garcia, Sei Miguel, Rafael Toral, Chris Corsano and Philll Niblock.