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Australian New Music

Antoine Chessex / Robin Fox / Max Kohane / Anthony Pateras

SU 11.10 2009 — 20:30

Pivixki is the new project of Anthony Pateras (prepared piano) & Max Kohane (percussion). A rollercoaster of breakneck piano antics combined with energetically gravelled drums; Iannis Xenakis meets hardcore.

Robin Fox’s laser show uses three-dimensional lasers (cathode ray OSCILLOSCOPE) to investigate the geometry of sound. Through the perfect synchronization of light and sound, the public undergoes a synesthetic experience where sound and image seem to mix with each other.

Robin Fox

Antoine Chessex is a Swiss saxophonist (Member of Monno, worked with among others, Thomas Ankersmit and Lasse Marhaug) who recognises in his work the physical aspects of sound and space, exploring them with circular-breathing techniques, amplifiers and various effects devices. The result is a unique and intense sound.

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox originate from Melbourne and since 2000 they have formed a global electro-acoustic improvisation duo. Fox mutates Pateras' sounds (prepared piano, contact microphones, various objects and vintage keyboards) through means of real-time sound processing to post a post-apocalyptic sound full of scorching textures.