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La Dînée

Louis Vanhaverbeke / Lydia Debeer / Jonathan De Winter

+ Orkest! featuring concerts by John Butcher / Joachim Badenhorst / Sam Kulik / Sean Carpio

SA 28.02 2015 — 19:00

La Collective presents, supported by Le Bon Accueil in the context of
the program NE­X(t)US:

The concept of La Dînée offers a simple formula: a meal, a location, three artists, max 40 participants and a micro-financing project. It’s a cosy dinner, where one gets the chance to explore initiatives of young artists, and to support them: a moment of reflection on art with space for meeting and networking. Moreover all this is interspersed with some fierce concerts in the Orkest! exhibition.

For only € 20 each participant receives a multi-course biological vegetarian menu and the opportunity to vote on which of the three project proposals, they feel deserves support. The proceeds of the evening will be donated to the winner.

Participating artists:
Louis Vanhaverbeke
Lydia Debeer
Jonathan De Winter

+ concerts by John Butcher, Joachim Badenhorst, Sam Kulik & Sean Carpio

The artists’ collective, La Collective, explores the theoretical and practical possibilities to support young contemporary artists and the production and distribution of their works. The collective focuses on networking, the exchange of ideas between artists, associations and other organizations involved in the artistic creation and their dispersion.

Initiated by Le Bon Accueil from Rennes, FR, NE­X(t)US is an exchange program between Brittany and Belgium, favoring linking young artists and structures dedicated to art. NE­X(t)US’s main objective is to promote mutual enrichment and bring together people with similar interests to forge possible collaborations. After a first assignment in 2013 in collaboration with Les Ateliers Claus, allowing the encounter between two young artists, Le Bon Accueil offers the first La Dînée in Belgium, in partnership with Netwerk.