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opening event

Eleni Kamma / Prairie

SA 18.04 2015 — 20:00

opening solo exhibition Oh, for some more Amusement! Eleni Kamma

Eleni Kamma has been invited by Netwerk to unfold her latest film project, Yar bana bir eğlence, (Oh, for some Amusement!) into an individual exhibition. The ideas for Yar bana bir eğlence arose in 2013, during Eleni Kamma’s residency stay in Istanbul, where she witnessed the civil protests in Taksim Gezi Park. With this raw reality as source material, and, with her personal background as a Greek and Cypriot citizen as her driving force, she creates within her work a space for reflection on the geopolitical map of the post-Ottoman Empire.

concert Prairie

Prairie is a Brussels trio based around Marc Jacobs. Their first album, Like A Pack of Hounds, appeared recently on the Berlin label, Shitkatapult, exuding the beauty of damnation. This visual music, somewhere between soundscapes, drones and noise, has the impact of a soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic thriller, and is reinforced by the edited live super-8 footage of filmmaker Khristine Gillard.

Marc Jacobs works i.a. as a freelance programmer at Bozar and the festival, Deep in the Woods.