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closing party


Noura Mint Seymali / Le Colisée / Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / ERG / Stijn Van Dorpe / Eleni Kamma / Adriaan Verwée / De Food Archeoloog / Food Futures / Fam. Van Den Brulle / Manel / Rocsa vzw / dj Mad A-p

SA 13.06 2015

As usual Netwerk celebrates the start of summer and the end of a fascinating exhibition season with the annual outdoor event, SUNNY SIDE UP. A healthy dose of art, brilliant live music, exciting activities, tours, fine dining and refreshing cocktails. Who could ask for more?

parol breakfast Ontbijt met een (br)ei / children’s café Een terugblik / installation Meccano / workshop Food Archeoloog meets Food Futures / rendezvous Textiel, een geheugen en een toekomst / rendezvous Stijn Van Dorpe / performance “…juste pour voir” (THAT’S IT! – workshop Joëlle Tuerlinckx) / book launch Dimitri Vangrunderbeek / concert Le Colisée / dj-set dj Mad A-p / concert Noura Mint Seymali

Concert Noura Mint Seymali
Traditional blues and psychedelia with Mauritanian influences: not an everyday combination, but with a fantastic result. Noura Mint Seymali brings her band, her husband, Jeiche Ould Chighaly and others to reveal her African “desert blues” to Belgium for the first time.
Her latest album Tzenni is considered by music experts as one of the best African releases of 2014.
This concert is for everyone, including fans of Tinariwen, Umm Kulthum and Captain Beefheart.

Concert Le Colisée
Le Colisée is the project of Brussels’ young David Nzeyimana. He comes with his band, which includes members of, Robbing Millions and Lonely Drifter Karen. Le Colisée is dark folk with some afro-beat, but mostly it’s strange, intimate, pure and honest pop. In the music you can hear echoes of David Byrne, Kate Bush, Animal Collective and even the Beach Boys. This year, the fledgling talent released their first EP, “Vie Eternelle” and are best experienced live with a wonderful SUNNY SIDE UP cocktail.


08:30 parol-ontbijt Ontbijt met een (br)ei
10:00 kindercafé Een terugblik
10:00 installatie Meccano
13:00 workshop Food Archeoloog meets Food Futures
15:00 rendez-vous Textiel, een geheugen en een toekomst
16:00 rendez-vous Stijn Van Dorpe
16:00 performance “…juste pour voir” (THAT’S IT! – workshop Joëlle Tuerlinckx)
17:00 book launch Dimitri Vangrunderbeek
18:00 food
19:30 concert Le Colisée
20:30 dj-set dj Mad A-p
21:30 concert Noura Mint Seymali
22:30 dj-set dj Mad A-p

+ last day:

solo exhibition
Ideologie AUB! Een denkmodel
SU 29.03 — SA 13.06 2015
solo exhibition
Dealing with Ordinary Form
SU 29.03 — SA 13.06 2015
MER. Station 11
SU 29.03 — SA 13.06 2015
solo exhibition
Oh, for some more Amusement!
SU 19.04 — SA 13.06 2015

Book launch Dimitri Vangrunderbeek Through and Through
In his artistic inquiry, Dimitri Vangrunderbeek explores the transformation process between everyday objects and autonomous artworks and examines how objects relate to their environment.The artist’s book was published as part of Vangrunderbeek’s PhD research and in conjunction with the exhibition, Dealing with Ordinary Form.The presentation will take place in the setting of the exhibition, in the form of a promenade.

Rendezvous Stijn Van Dorpe
Do the views of the artist fall alongside with those of the spectator? Stijn Van Dorpe invites the visitor for an informal discussion about (and set amid) his work in the exhibition ## Ideologie AUB! A conceptual model: Activity 1046 ##.

Performance “…juste pour voir” (THAT’S IT! – workshop Joëlle Tuerlinckx)
A “showing” presentation during the residence of students from Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG): Marine Kaiser, Cecilia Borettaz, Milena Desse, Estelle Labes, Sarah De Wilde (+ friends), under the guidance of Joelle Tuerlinckx (+ guests).

Workshop Food Archeoloog meets Food Futures
Jeroen Van Vaerenbergh, the first-ever Food Archaeologist in Belgium, and food visionary and cook, Rasa Alksnyte, from Food Futures, an outcome from the European project Future Fabulators made by FoAM, invite you to a fascinating conversation about food and how past and future meet each other at the table. “During an archaeological food-experience you scoot up to the table with our ancestors and look ahead with them to what the future brings. How the Romans approach their food, what was on a medieval menu and what kind of food does the future hold?”

Rendez-vous Textiel, een geheugen en een toekomst
How does the future look in the world of textiles and what elements of from the past will make a comeback?
The Netwerk building formerly housed the textile factory / passementerie, Van Den Brulle. Former owner Marcel Van den Brulle, along with his wife and sister-in-law, undergoes a dialogue with the young textile designer, Olu Vandenbussche. Under the label Manel, Olu examines the sustainable, social and environmentally friendly production of textiles.
Bring own knitting needles and wool along, because it is “World Wide Knit in Public Day”.

Interactive installation Meccano
Like the Meccanos of the past. But then for outdoors, mega, maxi and without a plan.
In a single day, armed with fittings, nuts, bolts and hundreds of wooden planks, Rocsa vzw builds a temporary Meccano sculpture. A monumental intervention in relation with the environment. A dynamic space. Contained in the moment.

Children’s Café Een terugblik
During Children’s Café the children take a journey back through the past season in Netwerk. Through creative activities they (re) discover the themes of the exhibitions Orchest!, Frank & Robbert Robbert & Frank and Dimitri Vangrunderbeek.
Puzzles, constructions, drawing… Everybody join in!