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closing party


Bixiga 70 / Cristian Chironi / Roda De Samba / Freestyle Akkademy / Radio Martiko / voetbaltornooi 2vs2 / Netwerk Kindercafé

SA 14.06 2014

Bixiga 70

This year SUNNY SIDE UP goes – obviously – full-on Brazilian, with the most impressive Brazilian band of the moment, a festive Roda de Samba, a performance about soccer, history and chewing gum, summery DJs, and of course, artificial grass and real football.

Cristian Chironi, Poster
© Silvana Torrinha

Bixiga 70 concert

Bixiga 70 is named after a neighbourhood in São Paulo, a real cultural melting pot in one of the largest cities of Brazil. This ten-piece band mixes cumbia, Guinean malinké, Brazilian candomblé and samba with Afrobeat and seventies grooves. A fierce grand-écart between Africa and Brazil. They’ve played together with Tony Allen, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra and last year with the Belgian rapper, Baloji. Funky shit and dance floor unequalled!

Cristian Chironi: Poster performance

During the performance, Poster, Italian artist Cristian Chironi dives in football history of his father. Using life-size pictures of those football teams, he reconstructs events with himself amid the images. A flashback performance to the rhythm of his chewing gum. Chironi examines the relationship between body and image, reality and fiction, past and present, movement and being static, mass recreation and politics, personal passion and collective memory.

Roda De Samba concert

Roda De Samba is a festive Brazilian cultural exchange with group activities such as singing, games and of course dancing! The repertoire includes: Samba, Chorinho and Forró, the trendy Brazilian dance music of the moment.

Freestyle Akkademy demonstratie

Freestyle football entails performing all sorts of tricks with a soccer ball à la Ronaldinho. The Brussels Freestyle Akkademy belongs to the highest Belgian level. Their demonstrations showcase their magical ball control and breath-taking tricks. As if football becomes art…

Voetbaltornooi 2vs2

No Brazilian party would be complete without playing a soccer match. Find yourself a partner, sign up and show your skillz in Soccer Tournament 2vs2.

Radio Martiko DJ-set

Is it Brazilian beat or Armenian rock ‘n’ roll? French mambo or Iranian surf? Chinese twist or Belgian belly-dance? Welcome in the universe of Radio Martiko sound system! Their DJ set takes you from a steamy shack in Chicago to a Haitian carnival, the suburbs of Lagos to a film set in Bombay…

Netwerk Kindercafé

In the Netwerk Children’s Café, children may continuously build, grow, print, play and copy until the street rings with the music of their merriment.


Start the day with a delicious Parol-breakfast organized by neighbourhood associations, Parol.

Throughout this weekend you have one last chance to visit the solo exhibitions of Aglaia Konrad, Marc De Blieck and Egon Van Herreweghe!