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opening event

Philip Metten / Easter

SA 02.04 2016 — 20:00

Philip Metten opening solo exhibition

A reflective presentation conceived as an accessible sculpture that echoes the forms of three previously completed projects by Philip Metten.

Easter concert

For fans of The Knife and Lil B.

The Norwegian Stine Omar and the German Max Boss met in 2005 in a noodle shop in Berlin and since then have been making videos and music under the name Easterjesus Productions.

Their catchy electro-pop project Easter sounds futuristic without being easily categorised. Easter creates it’s own peculiar world, post-human and post-gender. This is reinforced by their playful and visually clinical DIY music videos. Omar writes and delivers her bemused lyrics in expressionless recitations, while Boss provides the minimal post-Eurodance beats. Since 2011 they have released four albums independently.
The coinciding of their work as an artist- and musical-duo blurs and then questions the boundaries between traditional artists’ videos and video clips. Precisely why it’s ideal for fans of Netwerk concerts.


Organized in the context of the European collaboration Understanding Territoriality Identity, Place and Possession, funded by the programm Creative Europe of the European Union.