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opening event

Tine Guns / Charlotte Lybeer / CHVE / Tape Tum

SA 16.01 2016 — 20:00

opening solotentoonstelling
Tine Guns To Each His Own Mask

opening solotentoonstelling
Charlotte Lybeer Epidermis II
+ introduction by Johan Pas
+ book presentation ‘Epidermis II’ – published by Art Paper Editions, Ghent


As the solo act, CHVE, Colin H. van Eeckhout, founder and vocalist of Amenra, has been exorcising inner demons for some time, armed with a hurdy-gurdy, a series of loops / effects and his imposing and intriguing voice. On his debut album Rasa (Consouling Sounds) he goes in search of the essence of his very soul: an inward journey, full of dark thoughts, scars and memories, between sadness and tears.

An album full of meditative soundscapes, drones and ritual folk co-sculpted by Dehn Sora (Treha Sektori, Sembler Deah). A sincere, fragile and intense sound that can also be found on the soundtrack of the film To Each His Own Mask by Tine Guns, which will premiere in Netwerk next spring.

Tape Tum

Tape Tum is the project of brothers, Lieven and Benjamin Dousselaere, with François Gustin. Influenced by Musique Concrète as well as the soundtracks from the films of Alfred Hitchcock, David Lynch and Sergio Leone, over the years they have created music for artistic dance and theatre projects. Lieven Dousselaere also composed the soundtrack of the short film, A Day Will Come My Future Will Be Your Past, by Sarah & Charles, to be seen in the exhibition, An Unbelievable Truth.

Tape Tum makes atmospheric pop music, sometimes soft and melodious, sometimes astonishing, always intriguing. After their highly acclaimed debut album, The Night We Called It A Day, in 2010, and in anticipation of their new album, they present new work in Netwerk.