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book launch

Nikolaas Demoen


SA 19.12 2015 — 20:00

5 proposals for a Sculpture

Visual artist Nikolaas Demoen debutes as a poet with the collection, tamelijk.

The texts describe images that have fallen between the drawing board and the living room. And are recovered via the detour of language. This creates phrases that evoke a longing and an expectation and distant halfway-lands. The untitled poems bend in the reality of the artist’s studio and the fiction of life and emerge in a transition zone between inspiration, work and boredom.

A constant in the poems is the walk, the being en route in the head and with the limbs. Repetitive images lay out a path through the book and could be experienced as a sort of breathing in-and-out.

The layout of the publication, provided by the artist, emphasizing the distance between the reciprocal sentences and words and plays within the space on the paper, which forms a mirror of the exhibition space.


Oshin Albrecht
Michaël Borremans
Inge Braeckman
Vaast Colson
Geoffrey De Beer
Kristoffel Demoen
Koba De Meutter
Christa De Mulder
Luc De Rycke
Carl De Strycker
Marc Goethals
Stefaan Hautekeete
Rik Hemmerijckx
Els Heyde
Rokus Hofstede
Marc Kregting
Wim Lambrecht
Kris Latoir
Volkmar Muhleis
Mira Sanders
Koen Sels
Philippe Van Cauteren
Lieve Van de Ginste
Joke Van Den Heuvel
Carole Vanderlinden
Hannelore Van Dijck
Hilde Van Fleteren
Christophe Van Gerrewey
Frank Van Houtte
Tom van imschoot
Sofie Van Loo
Paul Vermeulen

Publication tamelijk:

size: 30 × 21 cm
32 pages, softcover
31 poems and one drawing
publisher: PoëzieCentrum