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Virginie Bailly / Nicolas Guiot / Kristin Posehn / Isabelle Hayeur & Eric Raymond / Blink / Chuck Norris Doesn’t Sleep, He Waits … / Hans Appelqvist


FR 23.03 2007 — 20:00

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Virginie Bailly (BE) / Nicolas Guiot (FR) / Kristin Posehn (US) / Isabelle Hayeur (QC) & Eric Raymond (QC)

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Blink (selected by Nav Haq, Haluk Akakçe & Saskia Olde Wolbers for Gasworks, London)

Nav Haq is curator at Gasworks, London. He regularly writes for Art Review, Bidoun and Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art. He is this year's curator of Contour, the biennial for video art in Mechelen, Belgium. After his lecture on the Triangle Arts Trust in 2005, Netwerk now invited him to curate a screening program.

Gasworks is situated in South East London. It is part of the Triangle Arts Trust, a worldwide informal network of residencies and workshops. The Gasworks Gallery supports the professional development of artists and offers them curatorial, administrative and practical backup. Exhibitions are accompanied by an education and outreach program, aiming to make themes and ideas from contemporary art practices accessible for young and professional visitors.

The BLINK program results from an open submission by Gasworks for UK based animation artists. From the deluge of responses Nav Haq (in collaboration with artists Haluk Akakçe and Saskia Olde Wolbers) put together a program that gives a kaleidoscopic image of contemporary animation. BLINK presents work by John Baugh, Roderick Mills & Rosie Pedlow, progetto[ANTENNA], Amy Engels, Ranko Andjelic, Cecilia Lundqvist, Christinn Whyte & Jake Messanger, Semiconductor: Ruth Jarman en Joe Gerhardt, Bianca Edmonds, Miho Matsuda, Max Hattler, Ed McHenry, Helen Fletcher, Sarah Doyle, Inger Lise Hansen.

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Chuck Norris Doesn’t Sleep, He Waits … (Danai Anesiadou, Hans Bryssinck en Diederik Peeters)
From within their common artistic past and a number of shared affinities, Danai Anesiadou, Hans Bryssinck and Diederik Peeters are starting on this project as a proper trio. The tree artist got involved in dance, theater and performance, coming from a visual arts background. Hans Bryssinck en Diederik Peeters hooked up as an intensive, artistic venture during 2001 and 2004 and realised various performance projects in theatres and galeries (wpZimmer, Antwerp W139, Amsterdam; Victoria, Gent; Programa Arts, Mexico DF…). In most of those projects Danai Anesiadou had been closely involved.

Chuck Norris Doesn't Sleep, He Waits … (working title) will be their first show. They examine the dining- and drawing room culture of the middle classes, based on their special love for film. Between politeness and decorum, an opening into a sort of in-between world soon reveals itself. A yearning for the audience's credulity results in the creation of an alternative, illusory reality that proceeds from the creases, tears and holes in rational thinking. Person misfiring arises by doubles as well as recurrences, inversions and lapses in time and space. They dig in the dark strata of our collective subconsciousness, from which they pick up images, symbols and archetypes from pop- and sub-cultures and the world of the occult to light them out. At Event #7 the trio presents us with the initial results of an artistic study that will culminate in an opening performance at the Timefestival.

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Hans Appelqvist (SE, Häpna)
This swedish musicianis giving a concert in Netwerk in which folk, musique concrète, IDM, field recordings, orchestra music, and noise are combined in contemporary fairy tales with a unique sound palette. Naima, the Swedish musician's newest creation, is besides an album, also a contemporary oracle (in a pelican head) knowing the answer on any existential question and freeing us from black thoughts. Appelqvists latest album is the first introduction to this special creature.