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Berlin, Wunderland

Jochen Arbeit / Mauro Pawlowski / Floris Vanhoof

SA 29.01 2011 — 20:30

A unique collaboration between Netwerk and the Berlin art and concert organization White Rabbit requires a unique Belgian-German event. The event Wonderland will therefore gain a Berlin counterpart, Berlin Wunderland, for which Netwerk invites Mauro Pawlowski and Floris Vanhoof, with Jochen Arbeit as their host. They will each play a solo set, followed by an improv session together.

Besides his work with Einstürzende Neubauten Jochen Arbeit makes music for theater, film and performances. In Berlin he organizes the well-known monthly Soundscapes evenings: unique improvisations where he shares the stage with other musicians including Scanner, Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo, Paul Beauchamp & Julia Kent, Brian Mitchell ...

Of devil-does-all Mauro Pawlowski one can expect anything: pop with dEUS, industrial noise with Club Moral, prog rock and free jazz with Othin Spake, improv with The Parallels, acoustic outsider-folk by himself, or poetry with poet Ramsey Nasr.

Filmmaker, musician and synth builder Floris Vanhoof makes self-crafted electronics complemented by16mm loops. On his praised debut Time Slime (Ultra Eczema) he brews a coherent mush composed of shimmering synth drones, from-the-top-of-the-stairs overturned drums, tape echo and stray techno.