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Oni Ayhun / Stephan Goldrajch / Alice Evermore boekpresentatie 'in that garden between here and now'

FR 14.01 2011 — 20:30

At this event Oni Ayhun debutes in Belgium. This mysterious creature from a dream realm makes fantastic-schizoid dance music, which can be compared to a surreal musical based on associations, abstractions and misunderstandings. On the wonderful OAR 12” series, Oni Ayhun blends degenerated, minimal, electronic funk with contemporary intelligent techno.

Stephan Goldrajch’s interventions are often accompanied by symbolic actions that resemble mysterious initiation rites of pagan societies. As an experimental historian-ethnologist, he refers to the tribal group codes of the historical avant-garde (Dada, surrealism), while also examining their current artistic and social relevance.

Artist, poet and curator Alice Evermore presents her latest book: in that garden between here and now. Her poetry draws upon references that range from individual psychology to quantum physics. By blending together scientific terminology with innate self-examination, she puts together a bizarre infusion of primal wonder and contemporary understanding.
During this event she will have a conversation with "the creature" (concept: Allegra Solitude).