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solo exhibition

Melvin Moti

SA 11.11 2006

William Cobbing
Els Vanden Meersch
Melvin Moti

The way the presentations of William Cobbing, Melvin Moti and Els Vanden Meersch are distributed in different formats along the building, already gives an idea of this improved articulation. William Cobbing takes the Gallery space as a starting point for his show, conducting a sculptural research that will take place both in and outside the Netwerk building. Melvin Moti’s movie, The Black Room, is shown in the Zaal during the opening night on November 11th, while
Els Vanden Meersch' small exhibition in the Studio will be concluded by the official presentation of her new book Implants on Saturday 16th December.

The simultaneous presence of the three artists in Netwerk is not a complete coincident. Although their individual practice seems to have few resemblances, they all ask similar questions on the physical and psychological presence of architecture and history in our daily life - and deal with the issue on a very concrete basis. William Cobbing makes a connection between Freud’s heritage and the ruins of Pompeii. Melvin Moti presents a fictional interview with a surrealist poet against the same historical background, blending recent and distant past. Els Vanden Meersch shows claustrophobic images of obsolete modernist buildings, and the still resounding mechanisms of power and control behind them.