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group exhibition

openHUB: rural vs. urban

Stephanie Krah / Annette Krebs / Claire Stragier / JD Zazie

SA 21.05 — SA 18.06 2016

Claire Stragier

opening event SA 21.05 20:00
+ concert Ameel Brecht

Netwerk has developed a residency-model inspired by the sub-theme “rural vs. urban” of the European cooperation-project, openHUB Europe. The trajectory of the residency is based on the artistic practices of local artist, Claire Stragier, whose long-term research project In de Vaart der Volkeren is closely linked to the theme of rural vs. urban.

During a previous residency in Netwerk (Summer of 2015) Claire Stragier developed I Make Mistakes. This series of works connects textiles, sound, movement and language. During openHUB she brings I Make Mistakes in conjunction with In de Vaart der Volkeren. This longterm project consists of performances and interventions in public spaces, particularly along the railway line between Brussels and Aalst. These projects serve as a starting point for a further development during the residency-in-group.

In this context, she works with three German sound artists: JD Zazie (Valeria Merlini), Annette Krebs and Stephanie Krah. During the opening event on May 21st, we will see the group in action. The remnants of their residency can still be viewed until June during this group exhibition.

openHUB Europe is a European cooperation-project in the field of interdisciplinary contemporary art. Netwerk’s partners are OSTRALE – Exhibition for Contemporary Arts from Germany, The Word of Hope Association from Poland and Associazione Equinozio from Italy. Within this two-year project five art events will be realised.

Born in Bolzano (IT), Valeria Merlini (working also under the name JD Zazie) is a DJ, avant-turntablist, sound artist and curator based in Berlin. Following studies in Architecture in Florence came the completion of a Master’s degree in Sound Studies at UdK, Berlin. In her work as a sound artist under her own name, she explores the sounds of the everyday within an urban context through an interdisciplinary and critical approach. She’s am co-founder of Studio Urban Resonance, a member of the Italian label Burp Enterprise and also co-run Staalplaat Radio.

Annette Krebs has been connected with music since her childhood. She studied music at “Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst” in Frankfurt/Main and finished her studies 1992 with the diploma. At the same time, she worked in painting. Since 1993 she has lived in Berlin and developed her own musical vocabulary. She works within the field of electroacoustic music, using tones, noises, field-recordings, silences and language to create acoustic collages and sculptures. She composes music for loudspeakers, which are played live and independently from each other. The concert space itself is often integrated in the composition. In various duos and ensembles, she collaborates with musicians, composers, performers and visual artists.

Stephanie Krah was born in 1984 in Hachenburg in Germany and studied “Philosophy – Arts – Media” at the University of Hildesheim. She has been working as a professional theatre musician and sound artist since 2013. She started her work on dance and performance pieces in 2010 with the newly formed performance collective wilde pferde ( The group performed their award winning debut “phRasen der Dressur” at the Ostrale’10 in Dresden and the 100º-Festival Berlin. Longterm collaborations include the German off theatre groups Theatrale Subversion and Frl. Wunder AG. Most recently Stephanie produced the music and sound for the campaign “Deutschland sagt Sorry” (“Germany sais Sorry”) of the peng. Collective.

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