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Pieterjan Ginckels

PISTE Netwerk Aalst

SA 18.09 — SU 07.11 2010 open tu till su, 14:00 → 18:00
SA 18.09 2010 — 20:30 Preview

For the project PISTE Netwerk Aalst Pieterjan Ginckels builds a cycling track. In the meantime he prepares a cycling team that will animate the structure during the six-day event. The intention is that the track serves as a pacemaker for an alternative exhibition model, which gains ramifications and Galerie Expedition (Amsterdam) and in Design Vlaanderen (Brussels). PISTE represents a gathering of sporting and artistic intentions, where the intensity of the indoor cycling event is used as a vehicle for numerous images and metaphors: the circling cyclists, the sprint that is launched, the animosity and adrenaline within the central area. However, the project is not an exact copy. PISTE is an overarching structure that makes room for freedom, the porosity and the energy inherent in shared artistic – and / or sports – activities.

The exhibition is a part of the European project Interreg IVa ‘2 Mers Seas Zeeën’ Cross-boarder cooperative programme 2007-2013. This project is a cooperation between Aspex (Portsmouth), Boem vzw (Kunst & Zwalm), Fabrica (Brighton), L’H du Siège (Valenciennes), La Malterie (Lille) and Netwerk (Aalst). United by the motto ‘Investing in your future’ sustainable strategies for audience paticipation are developed. More info: Iris, Contemporary Art Network