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group exhibition

The '-scape' in Escape

Fia Cielen / Annelies de Mey / Frederik De Wilde / Laurent Dupont-Garitte / Ludo Engels / Shaun Gladwell / Pierre-Alexandre Remy / Arno Roncada / Max Sudhues / Kema Spencer / Tim Vets

SA 12.02 — SU 27.03 2011 open tu. → su. 14:00 → 18:00
SA 12.02 2011 — 20:30 Preview

The main theme of The '-scape' in Escape are the conflicts in artificial or virtual landscapes: staging versus spontaneity, light versus dark, open versus closed, nature versus metaphysics, visibility versus invisibility, the displaying versus the obscuring of fictional meanings.

The artists will deal in their own unique way with each of these contradictions. They analyze in their works the twilight zones, the daily reality, imaginary geography, or the charged nature of different meanings. The artists invoke associations of alienation and movement that is constantly questioned. They examine a in-between world, a zone between experience and fiction, between poetry and reality, a place which cannot be defined, only suggested

The ‘-scape’ in Escape brings a wide range of living environments, lighting installations, videos and sound installations. The exhibition invoke different visions that complement, enhance or correct, with references to the ideal and the real and a meeting between the conceptual and sculptural in an architectural setting.

The exhibition is a part of the European project Interreg IVa ‘2 Mers Seas Zeeën’ Cross-boarder cooperative programme 2007-2013. This project is a cooperation between Aspex (Portsmouth), Boem vzw (Kunst & Zwalm), Fabrica (Brighton), L’H du Siège (Valenciennes), La Malterie (Lille) and Netwerk (Aalst). United by the motto ‘Investing in your future’ sustainable strategies for audience paticipation are developed. More info: Iris, Contemporary Art Network

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