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Douglas Park / Eleonore Saintagnan / Filip Gilissen / Gregoire Motte / Jean-Philippe Convert / Kosten Koper / Ivo Provoost / Thibaut Espiau

SA 20.02 2010 — 20:30

Marcel is the story of an unlikely encounter between Duchamp, Broodthaers and Mariën: an unusual succession of absurd scenes and of unexpected events, where the old ghosts of surrealism reappear. The film is based on L’Imitation du cinéma (1959) by Marcel Mariën, which in turn is a satire of L’Imitation de la vie de Jesus-Christ, a widely read theological treatise from the fifteenth century. Marcel is also simultaneously the joint pseudonym of the makers of the film, a.o. o.a. Douglas Park, Eleonore Saintagnan, Filip Gilissen, Gregoire Motte, Jean-Philippe Convert, Kosten Koper, Simona Denicolai & Ivo Provoost, Thibaut Espiau, part of KOMPLOT. During the premiere Mariën’s film will also be shown again.

Marcel: Constance Barrère Dangleterre; Voice of marcel (english): Pete Um; Curator: Anne Grandhenry; Young bored girl: Maaike Neuville; Ghost of Marcel Marien: Bruno Marin; Douglas Park: himself; Tv speakers: Jean-Philippe Convert & Ivo Provoost; Director of fondation marcel: Phillip Van Den Bossche; Soldier / priest: Filip Gilissen; Bank performers: Meryll Hardt, Thibaut Espiau, Gérard Meurant, Laurent X, Marilyne Grimmer, Grégoire Motte, Benjamin Seror; Police: Constance Barrère Dangleterre, Heidi Ballet, Sonia Dermience, Véronique Depiesse, Renaud Perriches.

Filmakers: Kosten Koper, Jean-Philippe Convert; Production: Sonia Dermience, Constance Barrère Dangleterre; Script : Eléonore Saintagnan; Camera: Federico D’Ambrozio; Lighting: Lou Vernin; Sound: Eric Tatepo Kembo; Decors: Marilyne Grimmer, assistant: Thibaut Espiau; Costumes: Annemie Verbeke; Make-up: Marie Brabant; Hair: Ludovic Constant; Catering: Sofie Haesaerts; Runner: Dany Dermience